Month: April 2016

  • 20,000 Leagues under the Sea - Disney movies - SFF Planet

    Disney’s 20,000 Leagues under the Sea to Resurface

    Disney to Return to Jules Verne’s 20,000 Leagues under the Sea, and they’re not the only ones Director James Mangold might be attached to direct While he’s currently set to direct Hugh Jackman’s last Wolverine movie, slated to come out in the summer of 2017, but according to Deadline, the director has signed up for a 20,000 Leagues journey under…

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  • Review of Central Station by Lavie Tidhar

    Zafrir Grossman’s review of Lavie Tidhar’s new book, Central Station, scheduled to come out this May. As the Israeli band Teapacks (Also known as Tippex) beautifully described in its song, “A different state” from 1995, the old central station of Tel Aviv was indeed a different state, a fascinating and indescribable combination of spices, vendors of shoes and car radios…

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