Month: August 2016

  • The Tick - Superheroes - SFF Planet

    Tick-Tock – The Tick is BACK in 2016… maybe

    Who would have believed that the big guy in blue… Not Superman, the other blue guy… No, not the genie from Aladdin… I mean, the Tick – would be celebrating his 30th birthday already? The sariric superhero came into being back in 1986 as a mere mascot for NEC (New England Comics). But as superhero origin stories go, things… changed,…

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  • Star Trek Beyond - Sci-Fi Movies - SFF Planet

    Star Trek: Beyond – Movie Review

    Zafrir Grosman’s movie review of Star Trek: Beyond – A Great (not) Star Trek Movie This year marks the 50th anniversary since the first appearance of a television show named “Star Trek”. 50 years have passed since the first time Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock, Sulu, Uhura and the rest of the brave crew members of the star ship Enterprise came…

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  • Pete's Dragon 2016 - movie reviews SFF Planet

    Pete’s Dragon 2016 – Movie Review

    Disney’s re-imagining of its hit movie from the 70’s is no less than an ode to the imagination, childhood and the old classic fantasy movies. Seriously, they don’t often make them like this anymore; movies full of heart, which speak to the child and the innocent side in all of us. But that it is exactly what 2016’s Pete’s Dragon…

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  • Interview with Giuseppe Pennestri – Owner of Diego Comics

    Dreaming about a job in Comics? Comics and graphic novels have been enjoying quite a bit of popularity in Israel in recent years. In order to show some respect also to this aspect of the publishing world, and in honor of Free Comic Book Day, we invited the owners of DieGo Comics publishing for a chat about independent comic book…

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