Month: September 2016

  • Beauty and the Beast - Disney Movies - SFF Planet

    Lumière and Cogsworth in the Limelight

    Lumière and Cogsworth from Disney’s new adaptation of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ look suspiciously like, well… Lumière and Cogsworth What is Disney doing? After adapting many of their old-time classics into live action, the studio of the mouse seems to be on a role. Or maybe the studio is going on sheer momentum. Either way, it seems like the next…

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  • Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them - Fantasy Movies - SFF Planet

    Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them – New and Final Trailer

      If it’s possible, the new and final trailer for ‘Fantastic Beasts’ is even more magical and action packed than its predecessors. November is coming close and with it, the world premiere of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. The movie, which began its way as a tiny little book, devoid of any plot has gone on to become…

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  • Annalium Scriptor - Zach Wheat - SFF Planet

    ‘Annalium Scriptor’, Epitaph Two: Ghostblade by Zach Wheat

    ‘Annalium Scriptor’ by Zach Wheat   Epitaph Two: Ghostblade   Stradanis stared at the clear blue-green sea for hours. There was nothing left on the planet that color, he thought, other than his own eyes. Tawn sniffed up and down the beach at the calcified remains of fish and birds that even he was not brave enough to try eating.…

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  • The Need for genre - Philip Reeve & L. A. Weatherly

    The Need for Genre – Philip Reeve and L. A. Weatherly

    If you’re in London next Tuesday, you’re in luck! You can get to see authors Philip Reeve and L. A Weatherly in discussion at Waterstones, Piccadilly If you’re in London next Tuesday, you’re in luck, because you will be able to see authors Philip Reeve and L. A Weatherly, who will visit  Waterstones London for a discussion about genre, the…

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  • Lock and Key: The Initiation - YA Fantasy - SFF Planet

    Lock and Key: The Initiation / Ridley Pearson

    All villains start somewhere. Find where James Moriarty, Sherlock Holmes’ fearsome nemesis started his career of evil Watch the epic new book trailer for LOCK AND KEY: THE INITIATION by Ridley Pearson, and find out the origins of two of literature’s most famous mortal enemies –  Moriarty and James Sherlock Holmes. Pearson, bestselling author of the Starcatchers series and the…

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  • Interview with Michael Moorcock - SFF Planet

    Interview with Fantasy Author – Michael Moorcock

    Michael Moorcock, hailed by many as one of the world’s most influential fantasy authors, was kind enough to spare some of his time for a talk about past, present and future Sep. 2016 Michael Moorcock, prolific author, performing musician, social activist, former long time editor of New Worlds Magazine has certainly made his mark in many fields. None more so,…

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