Month: December 2016

  • Goodbye Carrie Fisher - Star Wars - SFF Planet

    Goodbye Princess Leia – Carrie Fisher dies at 60

      Hollywood Legend, Carrie Fisher, best known for her portrayal of Princess Leia in Star Wars has passed a way this morning, living an entire galaxy of fans in mourning Mark your galactic watches: today, December 27, 2016, at 08:55 am Princess Leia, aka Carrie Fisher has passed from this world. On the 23rd, Fisher, only 60 years old, suffered…

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  • Pandora: the World of Avatar - SFF Planet

    The World of Avatar Theme Park – A Look Inside

    Walt Disney invites fans to visit what might be its most interesting and ambitious theme park yet – Pandora: The World of Avatar Us at SFF Planet are always eager to explore strange new worlds (unless they’re inhabited by face-sucking, insides-gutting aliens). Happily, Pandora, the world which was born from the imaginative mind of director James Cameron. Truth be told, one…

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  • Beauty and the beast - SFF Planet

    Space Oddities: Beauty and the Beast (Alan Cooke, 1987)

      Each month, Raz Greenberg reviews an overlooked piece of science fiction, fantasy or horror – be it a film, a television episode, a comic or a game – one that should have gotten more attention when it first came out and should still be remembered, in his opinion. This month, he examines a fine episode from a 1980s fantasy…

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  • Mars Evacuees - Science Fiction Books - SFF Planet

    Interview with Author Sophia McDougall

    Interview with Sophia McDougall about writing, Mars and everything. British author Sophia McDougall (1979) has an English degree from Oxford University. She lives in London, and in addition to writing she also teaches and provides mentoring to writers. Her first Trilogy, an alternative history series called “Romanitas”, takes place in a modern world in which the Roman Empire never fell.…

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  • Annalium Scriptor - Zach Weat - SFF Planet

    ‘Annalium Scriptor’, Epitaph Five: Sanctification by Zach Wheat

      Epitaph Five: Sanctification   Joth woke and felt a sickness, unfamiliar and wrong. The air was dry on his black skin, while fresh from the previous night’s bath, it left him itching all over. He felt for his Bloodsword in the scabbard and it gave him a fierce, but pleasant shock that made him forget the pounding in his…

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