Month: February 2017

  • Neverwhere - Urban Fantasy - SFF Planet

    The Seven Sisters – the Sequel to Neverwhere

    So, this finally happened Neil Gaiman has announced his next book will be The Seven Sisters. Neil Gaiman’s Norse Mythology has barely hit the stores, but the rock star of fantasy literature has already announced his next project: a sequel to Neverwhere, more than 20 years after the publication of the original book. For those who need a reminder, Neverwhere…

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  • Shadow of the Comet - Computer Games - SFF Planet

    Space Oddities: Shadow of the Comet (Infogrames, 1993)

      Each month, Raz Greenberg reviews an overlooked piece of science fiction, fantasy or horror – be it a film, a television episode, a comic or a game – one that should have gotten more attention when it first came out and should still be remembered, in his opinion. This month, he digs up a forgotten Lovecraft horror story in…

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  • Annalium Scriptor - Zach Wheat - SFF Planet

    ‘Annalium Scriptor’, Epitaph Six: Bramblethorne By Zach Wheat

    Epitaph Six: Bramblethorne By Zach Wheat   Stradanis pulled the reins of his horse and stopped at a sign ahead of the town. Tawn sniffed cautiously in the air, darting his head through the desert breeze trying to remain upwind of the town.   “What does the sign say?” Joth asked. Joth was sore from the merciless pains of the…

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  • Samurai Jack Season 5 teaser - SFF Planet

    (Samurai) Jack’s Back – First Teaser to 5th Season

    First teaser for Samurai Jack season five released, plus premiere date revealed Set your watches, boys and girls, Samurais and Ninjas… Jack is almost back! And now we have a release date on video, which kind of makes it look final: March 11th, 2017 will be the date when everybody’s favorite space and time traversing Samurai will make his return…

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  • Harry Potter Book Night 2017 - SFF Planet

    Harry Potter Book Night

    Are you ready to celebrate Harry Potter Book Night? We are! Good teachers are a rare breed. Great ones are rarer still. This is why  Harry Potter Book Night 2017 will celebrate those who taught Harry Potter and his friends everything they know about magic. Whether it’s the suave charm of Gilderoy Lockhart or the menacing and dark complexity of…

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