Month: March 2017

  • Annalium Scriptor - Zach Wheat - SFF Planet

    ‘Annalium Scriptor’, Epitaph Seven: The Gods Are Against Me

      Epitaph Seven: The Gods Are Against Me By Zach Wheat “I have to stop, Stradanis,” Joth gasped. “Call your dog. He’s crazy.” Joth slowed his horse and dismounted, stretching his saddle sore muscles.   Stradanis yelled out to his dog and clapped his hands, but Tawn, smug with satisfaction, didn’t look back as he continued to streak across the…

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  • American Gods trailer - Fantasy Series - SFF Planet

    Neil Gaiman’s American Gods Trailer Has Landed

      Surreal, violent and mysterious – the second trailer for the new fantasy series, ‘American Gods’ has hit the web Mr. Wednesday paves the road to the epic showdown between the old gods and the new, in the new and somewhat surreal trailer for the upcoming fantasy series from STARZ, based on Neil Gaiman’s bestselling book, American Gods (2001). The…

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  • Dreamchild - Alice in Wonderland - SFF Planet

    Space Oddities: Dreamchild (Gavin Millar, 1985)

        Each month, Raz Greenberg reviews an overlooked piece of science fiction, fantasy or horror – be it a film, a television episode, a comic or a game – one that should have gotten more attention when it first came out and should still be remembered, in his opinion. This month, he takes a trip to Lewis Carroll’s wonderland,…

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