Greetings, and welcome to SFF PLANET!

What, another geeky fanzine? Well, yes and no. Science Fiction & Fantasy Planet is the brainchild of Professional bloggers for fans. As its name suggests, SFF Planet focuses on genres such as fantasy, science fiction, horror, steampunk and other kinds of speculative fiction. Our aim, however, is a little different from other similar websites. While we have great respect to all artists, we wish to provide independent and up-and-coming artists with a proper place to introduce their offerings to fans from all over the world, who want more out of their genre experience.



We, at SFF PLANET believe that “values” is not a dirty word. Therefore, we have no problem declaring them for all to see and decide whether to land on our planet:

We stand for equal rights to all, and believe that art in all its forms is one of the keys for the expansion of human thought and human values.

That said, we are opposed to all forms of hate speech, and do not believe ourselves compelled to tolerate it or to assist in spreading it in the name of free speech.

We believe that our wonderful fandom comes from all sexes, gender orientations, nationalities, religions or the lack thereof. This is something we wish to maintain and encourage.

We hope you will find your time on SFF PLANET pleasurable and safe.



Ned Miller