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Come join City of Mist – a New Detective RPG

New role playing game called City of Mist invites you to discover the legend living within you and to uncover its mysteries

There is no way around it – the new RPG (Role Playing Game) City of Mist is just ridiculously beautiful, imaginative and well made! This, perhaps, can explain why only a week into its Kickstarter campaign, it has already TRIPLED its original funding goal! And with 22 days to go, the campaign is still going strong. Yet, here we are, inviting you to take part in this funding campaign. Why? Well, because knowing that the project has already past its original goal, you know that it will come through – City of Mist is really happening!

What it’s all about

City of Mist is a “film noir” RPG, set in a city populated by modern-day legends. Its characters are ordinary, modern people who discover legendary powers within themselves and coursing all around them. As Gateways to a mysterious legendary force – a Mythos – the characters are driven to investigate strange cases and unsolved mysteries. All the while, they also search for answers to their own questions and try to keep their personal lives together, as their Mythos calls them to break loose and give in to its enigmatic power and the temptation to use it.
But crossing the border between everyday life and a life of legend is not that simple. There is a mysterious force at work in the city, which hides all that is legendary, and makes it look mundane – the Myst – as well as a plethora of other awakened legends with their own agendas, working against the players’ characters. Will you manage to uncover the truth? Will you survive the inner battle of legendary and ordinary – and at what cost? All this and more is the stuff that makes up City of Mist.
From a plumber in whom a mythological primordial lizard resides to a hipster girl with a mercurial ability to bend time, space, and information, City of Mist is rife with legends awakening inside average Janes and Joes. It invites you to create your own legend in modern guise, gather your ragtag Crew of conflicted yet hopeful Gateways, and venture into the dark streets of this strange metropolis to tackle other incarnated Mythoi, and to find your answers – or lose everything you hold dear in the attempt.

From Legend to Reality

“Stories. We’re all just stories, striving to become real.” — Flicker, pregen character

“Over 10 years ago,” recounts Amit Moshe, the mind behind the creation of the game, “I wrote a modern retelling of the Irish myth of CuChulainn. While it was never published, it did inspire a role-playing campaign about a city where everyone was a legend but had forgotten about what they were… except for those few who had awakened.“
From the myth of CUChulainn and that first campaign many other campaigns and variations emerged until it all evolved into an entirely new game, which is City of Mist. But Moshe did not stop there, or we would not be writing about this game. Instead, he joined forces with game editor Eran Aviram and Illustrator, Marcin Soboń, as well as graphic designers Joancho Capic and Manuel Serra. Together they formed Son of Oak Game Studio, and the result is what you see.

Now, one question remains: will you dare enter the mist and confront the legend within?

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