(Samurai) Jack’s Back – First Teaser to 5th Season

First teaser for Samurai Jack season five released, plus premiere date revealed

Set your watches, boys and girls, Samurais and Ninjas… Jack is almost back! And now we have a release date on video, which kind of makes it look final: March 11th, 2017 will be the date when everybody’s favorite space and time traversing Samurai will make his return to the small screen for a fifth and long awaited season.

Truth be told, this isn’t much – just 15 seconds or so. However, unlike a previous teaser we’ve been shown, where Jack doesn’t show the bearded facade we’ve been promised, in the current one it seems not only do we get to see bearded Jack, but also motorcyclist Jack. Not sure what to make of this just yet. Then again, considering that for the time being, the popular series is only meant to return for 10 episodes, we’re planning on savoring every moment of it! That is, if the new season, this time out of Cartoon Network and in Adult Swim instead, can pull it off again. It has also been confirmed that the upcoming season is planned to be the very last one, and to bring closure to the epic fight between Samurai Jack and Aku.


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