The Illustrated Voluspa

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The Illustrated Voluspa

As a long-time fan and student of mythology, I participated last year in Sam Flegal’s Kickstarter campaign to produce a lavishly illustrated edition of the Norse text, “The Hávamál”. After a long wait, during which I had already forgotten about it, I had the distinct pleasure of going to the post office one day, and find in my hand my very own, beautifully made, copy of “The Hávamál”. I could hardly be happier about it (I did kinda hope that it would come with a dust jacket).

Now, Flegal and his brand, Fateful Signs, has announced his return with “The Illustrated Voluspa,” a new collection of art by Sam Flegal, honoring the ancient text as I have never seen. The 144-page book create is technically a prequel of sorts to “The Hávamál,” because “The Voluspa” precedes it in the Poetic Edda.

“The Illustrated Voluspa” promises to be another beautiful, high-quality art book worthy of a place of honor in your book horde!


About The Voluspa

“The Voluspa” is a collection of ancient Norse prophecy, thought to have been written down in about 1270 CE. Within its verse, the “Volva” or wise-woman tells Odin of the creation of the world, history of the gods, the secrets of Odin himself, and of Ragnarok – the twilight of the gods.

The greatest collection of preserved Norse poetry is “The Poetic Edda,” the first and most important section of which is “The Volsupa.”


You can follow Sam Flegal and his journey to bring to life another Nose text FacebookInstagramTumblr, his Blog, or


You can support his project and purchase the book, along with a series of tempting awards, on his Kickstarter Page.

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