The Need for Genre – Philip Reeve and L. A. Weatherly

If you’re in London next Tuesday, you’re in luck! You can get to see authors Philip Reeve and L. A Weatherly in discussion at Waterstones, Piccadilly

If you’re in London next Tuesday, you’re in luck, because you will be able to see authors Philip Reeve and L. A Weatherly, who will visit  Waterstones London for a discussion about genre, the need for it, and its limitations.

The event description reads:

We have an instinct to need to label books but who does the labeling? The reader, the author, the retailer or the publisher? Does it help readers by guiding them to books they may enjoy or result in narrow reading?
For this exciting discussion we will be joined by authors Philip Reeve and L. A. Weatherly.

Philip’s Predator Cities series came to characterize ‘steampunk’. His classic ‘space opera’ Railhead is a deliberate move away from that label and the trend for dystopian fiction.

Following on from her ‘paranormal romance’ trilogy Angel, Lee Weatherly wanted to move away from writing in any specific genre. Since writing the Broken trilogy her readers have talked of it as ‘dieselpunk’.


The event will be held at:

Tuesday 27th September 18:30 at London – Piccadilly

But, while the event is free of charge you are required to reserve your place, by telephone or email:

Tel: 020 7851 240


For more details


God, we envy you so much right now…

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